Istanbul, as unique as itself…

Istanbul, which is glorious for its cosmopolit configuration, its taking deluxe and simplicity in and its being a civilizations center, is a city which never admits ordinariness.

About Istanbul

Istanbul is keeping a lot of different cultures together and it is commemorated in nine different language and with 33 different names. These names are reaching to Dersaadet from Islambol; from Stimbol to Eskomboli. Civilizations center Istanbul’s localities have also names with special meanings as Istanbul itself. As Besiktas which means Jesus’ cradle’s Stone or as Macka which means “thick stick” in Romaic.

As we said, Istanbul which is named in various languages and civilizations have various names like, “Vizantion” in ancient Greek; “Bizantium, Antoninya, Alma Roma, Nova Roma” in Latin; “Konstantinopolis, Istinpolin, Megali Polis, Kalipolis” in Romaic; “Çargrad, Konstantingrad” in Slavic Language; “Miklagord” in Viking Language; “Vizant, Stimbol, Esdambol, Eskomboli” in Armenian; “Bizantiya, el-Mahsura, Kustantina el-uzma” in Arabic; “Konstantiniyye, Mahrusa-i Konstantiniyye, Stambul” in Seljukians; and “Dersaadet, Deraliyye, Mahrusa-i Saltanat, Istanbul, Islambol, Darü’s-saltanat-i Aliyye, Asitane-i Aliyye, Darü’l-Hilafetü’l Aliye, Payitaht-i Saltanat, Dergah-i Mualla, Südde-i Saadet” in Ottoman Turkish. According to historiographers’ comments, one of the rumours about where the name “Istanbul” came from is like that: After Fatih sultan Mehmet had conquered the city, the populaton of people was mostly consisted from Muslims, so the word “Islambol” had used in order to express this. And the ultimate form of the word had been determined as “Istanbul” by Atatürk.

Istanbul which is located in the ancient centers of the world has the characteristic of being famous with its magnificent natural view and being one of the leading metropoles of the world. Being center on two continents in the location which Asia and Europe departs with a narrow sea passage, the Bosphorus makes the city “unique and special”. And also, its history with over 2500 years; its being capital city to three world empires, Rome, Byzantine and Ottoman; hosting over 120 emperors and sultans during over 1600 years makes Istanbul a unique city with these properties.

Istanbul had also do the honours to be 2010 Europen Capital of Culture and today it is stil hosting entertainment, culture and health tourism. Istanbul is actually freedeom itself with its cosmopolite origin, colorful streets, entertaining ambience, reserving deluxe and simple, characteristic that lives 24 hours and with its crowd.

Istanbul is such a different city that if we compare the city to an individual, we can easily say that she keeps a very modern and peaceful face behind her mysterious posture. In the recent period, Istanbul hosts international fashion week and it is also possible to come across with fashion giants deploy in Istanbul’s modern streets. When it comes to shopping and fashion; Nisantasi, Etiler, Bagdat Street and Istinye are the leading localities.

Is it possible to think Istanbul without entertainment? The city has capacity to address every enjoyment and every choice. Foremost the famous Istiklal Street; Kurucesme, Ortakoy, Kadikoy, Bagdat Street, Etiler, Tarabya and Kumkapi are the locations in which there are places keeping their finger on the pulse of entertainment.

Do not think that you are a real Istanbulite or you have maintain opinion about this city without seing Suleymaniye and Sultanahmet mosques; visiting Hagia Sophia and Kariye Museums; looking round Topkapi Palace and Rumelian Fortress; watching the city from Galata Tower and Pierre Loti; taking place in art-culture activities; staying up all night; feeling the joy of raki-fish at Kumkapi; breathing Grand Bazaar’s mystical ambiance; walking around in Beyoglu; blending into the crowd of Bagdat Street; having a cup of tea at the Maiden’s Tower.