TUROB (Touristic Hotels & Investors Association)

Founded in 1971, The objective of TUROB is as follows: To meet the needs and requirements of occupational groups, primarily the accommodation industry, that are and might be included in the scope of Tourism Legislation, to facilitate their occupational activities, to ensure the occupation develops and improves in line with its general interests, to ensure reliability and safety among the occupational groups and their relations with the public; To ensure that tourism industry and tourist facilities develop in accordance with the requirements, to ensure contact and coordination between the members and organizations, institutions, persons and entities that are engaged in tourism either directly or indirectly, to represent its members inside and outside the industry.


It founds councils that designate tourism-oriented policies, grants scholarship or awards, that coordinate, conduct physical planning and make direct or indirect contributions to tourism; receives membership and representation from foundations and committees engaged in such matters and connected to public or private sector; represents the sector before councils, committees and commissions to be constituted in accordance with the laws. To conduct studies ensuring that tourist facilities offer more efficient services, to render consultancy services.


It acts in the capacity of a sectoral representative during facility inspections by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It prepares proposals to develop existing and future laws and regulations regarding the matters included in the scope of tourism industry. It submits these proposals to relevant foundations and institutions, has negotiations and presents its opinion to the ministerial office and notifies the assigned representative for matters related to tourism. It contributes to standardize tourism certificates.


It leads the studies conducted to improve marketing, promoting and sales development within the industry, makes and implements necessary surveys and develops an efficient marketing system. It provides domestic and overseas statistical data on the sector and sub-sector and announced such data to the members. It stores data and creates systematic data archive. It follows up global tourism activities. It collects and stores data on tourism training, promotion, public relations, contact, accommodation, foods and beverages and entertainment; helps the members in these matters. It co-operates with press, TV and broadcasting corporations in order to advertise Turkey as a country, and provides required documents and papers. It displays activity on the overseas market or co-operated according to its objectives; affiliates with foundations established abroad for similar purposes and conducts shared studies. It participates international fairs and exhibitions, organizes work shops and meetings.


It develops an efficient training and certification system in administrative and technical fields in order to keep tourism professional updated, organizes courses, seminaries, panels, conferences, symposiums or co-operates with the foundations and corporations engaged in such activates. It provides support and assistance to scientific and vocational training and educational institutions in order to encourage them, pioneers tat research results are used and benefited.


It presents an opinion on matters that are likely to result in criminal circumstances in connection with legal matters inquired by foundations, as well as legal rights and penalties. It products all rights of member activities, has recourse to legal means, when required, takes administrative and legal cases.


It cares for the environment for the purpose of sustainable tourism, acts sensibly regarding landscaping and co-operates with the relevant foundations. It has signed a protocol with TAP (Portable Battery Manufacturers and Suppliers) and ÇEVKO (Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recovery and Recycling Trust) on separation of waste batteries and packaging wastes, initiated the “Greening Hotels” project in contemplation of “Sustainable environment sustainable tourism”.


It takes care of collaboration and cooperation between the members and coordinates the relations with foundations and associations engaged in public and private sector in the field of tourism, ensures a fast and accurate exchange of data. It participates the foundations, associations and councils related to tourism and sends a representative and becomes a member.


Provided an investment/operation license is obtained from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, any applicant enterprise will be assessed by the Board of Directors, and it becomes a member of TUROB if the application is proved. TUROB is a member of IH& RA (International Hotel & Restaurant Association) – UNWTO (World Tourism Organization).

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